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We help moving companies increase their profitability

MOVE DASH was developed by and for professional movers. Our technology company, which is based in Boston, saw the critical need for a comprehensive platform created especially for the residential and commercial moving and storage industries. a straightforward but effective all-in-one online solution that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection to streamline your moving processes.

Your information is always accessible from any location where you have internet access and is never lost. MOVE DASH is still developing to gain more strength.

How does MOVE DASH make my moving company smart?

MOVE DASH is a fully hosted platform that is fully redundant, secure, and built on a scalable cloud architecture. We at Move Dash have created a core product that we think is the most robust yet user-friendly web application available to moving and storage companies.

We guarantee that we will always provide more resources and greater features than any of our rivals.

Some of features MOVEDASH offers:

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